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Make Valentine’s Day truly special with “My Valentine” romantic package at Asara Villa & Suite

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Love is in the air and Asara Villa & Suite Hua Hin offers lovers a romantic getaway, “My Valentine” special package that comprises a luxurious stay in the Pool Villa with a range of privileges.

Immerse yourself in real serenity with the soothing sound of the ocean wave during a two-night stay in the Pool Villa. Get a fresh start in the morning with the daily complimentary breakfast for two at Kampu by Design restaurant or just stay in bed and pamper yourself with a room-service breakfast. At the end of the day, enjoy a special romantic dinner and wine under candlelight on the beach for two persons. The day of love cannot be completed without a true relaxation of a 60-minute “Massage for Lover” for two persons at Asara Spa. Last but not least, Asara also offers a private toast of “Love” sparkling wine. Make this Valentine’s Day meaningful at Asara Villa & Suite Hua Hin. For reservation and more information, please contact 0 2661 6800 # 301 – 7 or 0 3254 7555 or

Asara Villa & Suite Hua Hin is a five-star hotel on a vast 22-rai plot of land. Under the concept of “Surround Yourself in Pleasure”, the resort always keeps guests in sheer bliss by offering ultimate privacy and true relaxation. Its exquisite design in Thai-contemporary style, reflecting the unique oriental charm, has recently won Gold Nugget Grand Awards in California, U.S.A. In addition, the hotel has won the highest honor of the Gold Class Green Hotel Award 2009 for its commitment to enacting green initiatives, which can be seen throughout the resort, such as material recycling, energy saving, its own organic garden and over 100 rare species of existing plant life.


Asara Villa & Suite Hua Hin Hotel received Green Hotel Award.

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Many who have visited Asara Villa & Suite Hua Hin all agree that the most eye catching and the first impression of the hotel is its garden with variety types of flowers.

“There are hundreds types of flowers, impossible to remember. The reason they have tags on them because visitors tend to want to know the name of the flower.” Benjaphon Angsaengtham (Ben), the general manager of Asara Villa & Suite Hotel

With the hotel’s concept “Surround Yourself in Pleasure”, Ben wants visitors to see happiness everywhere they look. “Looking at our staff and our staff will smile back. Gazing to the garden and the garden will ease your eyes with greenish….feeling pleasure and happiness just to walk around the hotel. In addition, Asara hotel will give visitors the most comfortable feeling with very well designed furniture and the luxury of space in the style of asian contemporary” Ben said.

Moreover, the best part of the Asara hotel doesn’t just stop at the beautiful garden but also with the magnificent low-rise design. “The architect layout the building so well, the wind gets through from both sea breeze and land breeze for ecologically living. The surrounding environment is so cozy, the hotel doesn’t find the need of air conditioner at all. The most extraordinary is…again, the garden. 100 out of 100 guests would say just the same (laugh). The reason behind that is because the executive who run Asara hotel focused so much on the garden, they spend 3 million baht Thai just to for the garden.  itself. With the area of approximately 8.5 acre (22 Rai) with only 96 units, the garden takes much more space, making it a very lively environment to be.”

The original plan of Asara Hotel was designed as a high building with lots of guest rooms around two hundreds. Eventually, (the solution) they decided that the reduce the number of rooms and maximize the size of the garden.

“As we can see, there is a lot of water being used around here and people might perceive that we are wasting water. So, i have to say, Mr. Anusra (the architect) had plan of 2 front wells and other 2 back wells which water is being reused or recycle using 2 million baht waste-water treatment technology. Basically, we plan every thing ahead from the start, how are we going to reused water and to have insect-eating fish tank to eat wrigglers to eliminate the rise of mosquitos around the area.

At when i started working here, i had an idea to go along with the hotel’s concept, that we must use bio-fertilizer, also. Moreover, we make our own bio-fertilizer, making our plants greener. Because our bio-fertilizer made from leaves and fruits which have a lot of oxygen and also, soil and sand would be more crumble, make it very easy to take care of.”

With the ecologically designed in mind from the beginning to end, Asara Villa & Suite Hua Hin received a number one consolation prize of 2007 in best recycling hotel. “We have received the award with 50,000 baht, we then spend it on more fertilizer, specially the cattle feces which is the product of the local villagers.”  The general manager also told us that recycling the trash can also give them a lot of money. “Last year, the staff party didn’t need hotel’s money at all with the amount of 60,000 baht we had to spend. We spend the money on the big luxury party purely from trash we sold. You can say, we had a big garbage party (laugh).”

Recently, Asara Villa & Suite Hua Hin Hotel have just received Green Hotel Award. The Award is for all the hotels around Hua Hin area. In addition, next month the hotel will also receive the Non-smoking Environment Award Hotel and waiting for the confirmation to receive the Green Leave Award from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.”

Not only the visitors will be happy with our green environment but also everyone should realize the great benefits of plants, tree and flowers which nature has to offer such as the Asara Villa & Suite Hua Hin Hotel.

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Asara Villa & Suite Hua Hin Hotel received Green Hotel Award.

Plan on hosting a day entirely for dad?

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Plan on hosting a day entirely for dad?
Father’s Day is a day to say “thank you” for the support, dedication, and wisdom your father has given you over the years. Your dad will definitely appreciate some pampering, grooming, and relaxation at Asara Villa & Suite with this package specifically created for him valid from November 20 – December 20, 2009.

For more information, please go to

Or call +66 (0) 2661 6800 ext. 307, e-mail:

We look forward to welcomimg you at Asara Villa & Suite.
“Surround Yourself in Pleasure”
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A new European dining experience in Hua Hin town…

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Winter greetings from Asara Villa & Suite Hua Hin.

We would like to take a great pleasure to invite you to enjoy a new

European dining experience in Hua Hin town… 

At our fine dining restaurant, ‘Kampu’ Restaurant. Come and try our ‘November Promotion’ with a

special 20% discount. Asara Kampu Restaurant

  Seat booking is highly required. Tel. 032 547 555 or Email:
Open daily: 7 am – 11 pm
We look forward to welcomimg you at Asara Villa & Suite.
“Surround Yourself in Pleasure”
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Welcome to Asara Villa & Suite!

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Welcome to Asara Villa & Suite’s Blog!